The Best Microwavable Heating Pad of 2020

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It is not uncommon to feel pain in your body. A large portion of the American population suffers from various types of pain. While the extent of pain may vary among individuals, the undeniable fact is that body pain and aches are quite common.

Body pain can be caused by a variety of reasons including, but not limited to sitting position (in the workplace), and heavy-duty or strenuous jobs. Sciatica may cause pain in the legs; muscle pull is very common among sportsmen, while women have to contend with monthly menstruation cramps.

The respite, however, is that by and large, this pain can be ameliorated to a very large extent or, in some instances, totally alleviated. There are treatment methods that do not involve you having to pop pills. Also, you don't have to book that appointment with your doctor because of the niggling back pain you are experiencing. These inexpensive methods have you covered.

One of these methods is heat therapy. An essential tool for carrying out heat therapy is a heating pad, a device which is used to apply heat to any part of your body. There are several types of heating pads such as electric pads, fabric wraps, and so on. They are made with different materials and they also come in different designs which are intended to provide you with the best experience.

However, caution should be taken. While it is true that heat therapy is a viable option for you, it is necessary for you to obtain a great heating pad which will suit your specific requirements and effectively relieve you of your pain.

There are a number of factors you should consider before buying a heating pad. Why do you want a heating pad? You might want to apply it for your back pain, for the sciatica in your leg or perhaps, to reduce menstrual pains.

How frequently would you be using it? The regularity of use also matters. If you want to use it only when you experience menstrual cramps, you will not require it more than once in a month. On the other hand, you may need to use a pad continually to ease persistent pain. Another factor that is worthy of consideration is the safety of the heating pad. Is it safe for you to use?

Yet still, another factor is price. Are you on a budget, looking for a cut-price pad or you are willing to splash the cash on the more expensive ones? It is important for you to pay attention to these details. The answers you provide to them will help you in identifying the best product for you.

While most of these questions require specific answers, we have tried to make use of the more general ones - like price and quality - as well as our personal experience using the different pads to rate and compile the best for you.

Read on to discover the best microwavable heating pads that are available for you.

Comparison Chart

Sunny Bay Hands-Free Neck Heating Wrap

Heating Pad Microwavable

Premium Reusable Microwaveable Natural Heating Pad

Microwavable Heating Pad with Natural Herbal Aromatherapy

Microwavable Heating Pad

Best Microwavable Heating Pads Reviews

Sunny Bay Hands-Free Neck Heating Wrap

We kick start our best microwavable heating pad review with the Sunny Bay hands-free neck heating wrap. This neck pad is a versatile microwavable pad that promises to effectively help suppress your aches, muscle pain, or soreness to the neck and shoulder.

It’s very easy to use. All you have to do heat it up in a microwave and you’re able to use it for a substantial period of time. In addition to being used as a heating pad, you can also apply the Sunny Bay wrap for cold therapy as a cold wrap by simply cooling it in the freezer.

Care should be taken not to heat in the microwave for too long - about two minutes will do. Likewise, when you’re using it as a cold wrap, you should not keep it in the freezer for more than one hour. To cap it all, this wonderful heating wrap is durable and can be used over and over again.

With these attributes, and the features we will discuss below, you will have a hard time finding a better microwavable heating pad in the market.


The Sunny Bay hands-free neck heating wrap includes a number of amazing features that are aimed at providing comfort, convenience, and effective pain relief.

The wrap has a cover made from fleece. The fleece is very soft, light and flexible, allowing you to put the wrap around your neck for a fairly long period of time without you feeling any discomfort whatsoever as far as weight is concerned.

Also, the wrap is filled with flax seeds. Flax seeds are renowned for their heat retention ability and they ensure that the heating wrap will remain warm for a long time before the heat completely dissipates.

Furthermore, this wrap is designed with ergonomic consideration for users. It’s very flexible and long enough to go round your neck, fitting perfectly. It also comes with an elastic band that you can use to firmly hold the two ends together once you put the wrap on. This makes it possible for you to walk while wearing it because it won't shift, so you don't have to worry about having to readjust it from time to time.

With dimensions of (28×7×1) in, the wrap is large enough to cover both your neck and shoulders.


  • Can be used for cold therapy
  • Made with natural/organic materials
  • The heat lasts for a fairly long time
  • Wrap is durable


  • It’s a little heavy
the soothing effect

Relief Sciences Heating Pad Microwavable Compress Pack

Relief Sciences compress pack is a large heating pad designed to relieve pain or aches that are not concentrated in a small area but spread over a relatively large part of the body. For example, if you’re experiencing pain which spreads throughout your entire back, this pack is suitable for you as it will cover every part of your back at once. Hence, it’s essentially designed to help ease pain over a wide area simultaneously.


As part of Relief Sciences commendable effort to promote the use of health-friendly, natural products among consumers, they have designed this heating pad which makes use of medical grade materials. It’s filled with organic clay beads that can emit heat that will penetrate deep into the body to effectively soothe your pain. The large size of the pad (12 × 23") ensures that a large part of your body can benefit from heat therapy at the same time.

Furthermore, the versatility of this pad is not in doubt. Although it’s mainly designed for hot use, you can as well keep it in the freezer and use it cold to stem inflammation. More so, you can adapt it to different parts of your body because of its flexibility.

And as far as quality is concerned, there are few heating pads of this type that can match the quality of Relief Sciences compress pack. The pack is divided into several segments into order to keep the beads in place. These segments are then triple stitched to leave you with a long-lasting heating pad.


  • Health friendly
  • Quite flexible
  • Heat takes a long time to completely dissipate.
  • Comes with a full (100%) 3-year warranty


  • Relatively heavy
  • The cover is not removable; hence it’s difficult to wash.
the soothing effect

Nestani Reusable Microwavable Natural Heating and Cooling Pad/Pack

Another very good pad for heat therapy is the Nestani natural heating and cooling pack. This pillow-like pack is quite sizeable at 14×7×1.5 inches. It comes in only one color - gray. Designed with all-natural materials, this pack has a superior heat retention capacity and refreshingly soothing texture which combine wonderfully together to give you one of the best microwavable heating pads in the market. If you’re looking for a great and versatile heating pad to soothe your pain, then this pack is really worth considering.


The Nestani natural pad features cherry seeds. Cherry seeds are perhaps even more efficient at retaining heat than flax seeds or rice. This essentially means that for every two minutes or thereabout that you spend in heating the pad, you will be getting up to 45 minutes of heat for your heat therapy session in return.

Longer heat therapy sessions will guarantee a more effective soothing action. The pleasant scent of cherry seeds that you will enjoy in the first few weeks of use is also an additional bonus.

Another great feature of this pad is its thick cover which is made of 100% cotton and does not include any synthetic fibers or chemicals that can have a negative impact on your health. Because it is removable, it’s very easy to maintain and you can choose to either hand-wash it or use a machine.

More so, the pack is durable and flexible, and allows you to keep it in place on any part of your body without much fuss. It goes without saying that, in accordance with its name, this product can be used as both a cooling and heating pad.

What more do you need to convince you that this is definitely one of the best microwavable heating pads around?


  • Very flexible
  • Easy to maintain
  • Natural heat retention capacity
  • Very large
  • It’s durable


  • Relatively heavy
the soothing effect

PhysioNatural Microwavable Heating Pad

The PhysioNatural microwavable heating pad incorporates a multifunctional design that is ideal for alleviating muscle pains, cramps, and aches. It’s specifically designed for use around the neck and shoulder; hence it’s made to fit the neck. The heating pad ensures that you’re perfectly relaxed when making use of the pad. You can employ the pad to perform heat therapy as well as cool therapy.


The PhysioNatural microwavable heating pad is certainly among the best microwavable heating pads that you can get. It takes an extremely short time to heat up in the microwave. If you want to use it, you don't have to wait for long as you only need to heat it for just a little more than one minute, and it's ready for use.

The natural, health-friendly fill materials include clay beads and flax seeds. They are the reason why the heating pad can keep warm for a long time. In addition, the pad includes aromatherapy ingredients such as peppermint, lavender and lemongrass that provide a pleasant scent and soothing sensation that can go a long way in easing stress.

Furthermore, the pad has a high collar with a curved shape which will fit directly around your neck and you can carry out other tasks while using the pad because it will stay firmly in place. The high collar is almost certain to cover the entire length of your neck.

As a bonus, the pack currently comes with a free eye pillow that you can use to ease tension and relieve headaches. With all these features, it comes as little wonder that the PhysioNatural microwavable heating pad belongs to the esteemed class of the best microwavable heating pads.


  • Produced with natural materials
  • Includes effective aromatherapy ingredients
  • Good heat retention capacity
  • Quite large
  • Two months full warranty


  • Not versatile; only ideal for the neck and shoulder
the soothing effect

Beady Heat Microwavable Heating Pad

There are several options to consider and pick from but we ultimately settled for the Beady Heat microwavable heating pad as our final product in this best microwavable heating pads review. You can be certain that its inclusion is not arbitrary. It features several attributes that propel it ahead of other heating pads that we considered.


The great features of the pad include a portable size (8×4×1 inches). It’s composed of beads and devoid of potentially harmful chemicals. The beads cannot spoil unlike other grains such as rice or corn. Furthermore, the beads have properties which make them very effective in retaining heat for a long time. The cover is made of soft fleece to provide comfort to you.

It’s durable, flexible and versatile - it can be used for both heat and cold therapies.


  • Odorless
  • Health-friendly infill
  • Full warranty


  • Relatively weighty for its small size
the soothing effect


It’s not easy to pick the very best among the best microwavable heating pads in this review. They all have more or less the same features, which makes choosing a best pad among them difficult.

However, we think that the Sunny Bay hands free neck pad and the PhysioNatural Microwavable heating pad are slightly disadvantaged because they are tailor-designed to be used for the neck and shoulders only. This reduces their versatility to some extent.

On the other hand, the Relief Sciences compress pad is great due to its size and the natural materials used in producing it. It’s also quite durable. Conversely, should you not be drawn to it, the Nestani reusable Microwavable natural heating pad is a great alternative.

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