The Best Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

the best heating pad for neck and shoulder pain relief the soothing effect
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Dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain can be frustrating. However, getting the best neck and shoulder heating pad is your path to recovery. Heating pads work through heat therapy, an approach that dates back to 500 BC.

People in ancient times relied on the heat from the sun to treat illnesses. With time, they discovered hot stones, thermal baths, and springs, and volcanic hot air caverns to treat pain. This method was based on the belief that applying heat to tissues increases blood flow.

As tissue gets exposed to more blood, it becomes more flexible.

Today, there are more modern forms of heat therapy, including heating pads. These are products you can easily use at home to find some relief from pain. Some of the top neck and shoulder heating pads available on the market are as reviewed below.

Before we get into the products, here’s a look into the type of heating pads available.

Types of Heating Pads

The types of heating pads available are categorized according to:

The Body Parts They Cover

Most are made for the neck, shoulders, and back. However, others are available for the back and spine, and knees.

Heating Method

Most are electric in nature, but others use infrared heat to deliver more in-depth and more penetrative heat. There are also moist heat pads that penetrate deeper into the skin than the first two. Other heating methods are microwavable and non-electric heating pads.


It would be reasonable to get a heating pad you can use when up and about. As such, check for one that is supplied with a handy storage bag. A cordless rechargeable heating pad comes in handy when you don’t have a power source.

Another available option is a USB heating pad. Although not a reliable option, they're usually an excellent alternative to carrying a bulky heat pad.

While considering the type, it’s also essential to look at the features of the heating pad you buy. Auto shut off, timer, size of the pad, heat setting levels, and heat up time are some essential factors to check.

Comparison Chart

Sunbeam Heating Pad

MaxKare Large Heating Pad

XXX-Large Electric Heating Pad

Snailax Heating Pad

Utaxo Heating Pad

Best Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Reviews

Sunbeam Heating Pad

If you’re looking for a heating pad large enough to cover the entire spine, get the Sunbeam heating pad. It provides a snug fit for personalized comfort.


The Sunbeam heating pad comes with six different heating settings. It promises to heat up within 30 seconds of powering up. The adjustable auto-off feature allows you to determine the length of your therapy session.

This can be anything between two hours to a continuous on mode. The pad reaches comfortably high heat levels, helping you find instant relief from pain and stiffness. The customizable controller allows you to choose from one of the four different heat levels.

Once you start using the heating pad, you’ll be tempted to use it daily.

The Sunbeam heating pad comes with a tall collar. The design is contoured for direct gentle heat therapy to the neck and back of the head. It’s also adjustable to provide the best fit around your neck.

The heating pad is made from super soft fabric integrated with a micro plush cover. The material is super soft and easy to wash and maintain. The length of the power cord is one of the strong selling points of the heating pad.

It allows you to comfortably undergo therapy from your comfortable chair regardless of the distance from the power source.


  • The heating pad works well, and the collar is adjustable for people with smaller necks
  • Its versatility allows it to be used for tension headaches
  • Doesn’t feel heavy when worn over the shoulders
  • Produces no odor upon switching it on


  • Doesn't heat up enough to soothe aching muscles
  • The collar is not adjustable enough for people with small bodies
the soothing effect

MaxKare Large Heating Pad

The MaxKare heating pad measures 24” by 33” to provide full coverage. It helps you stay warm since it’s designed as a half vest and half robe.


The MaxKare is an extra-large heat pad designed for snug coverage along the neck and shoulder contours. It allows for heat to penetrate to your muscles and joints to relieve pain and cumulative stiffness. For more comprehensive care, the heating range extends to the neck collar.

This electric heating pad is hands-free. Once you place it on the affected area, it stays in place, especially around the back and shoulder area. Its magnetic clasps and slightly weighted edges and fixture straps add to this convenience.

They hardly come loose or slip during use, a factor that helps keep the pad flat during use.

The controls of the heating pad are adjustable and come with a timing setting. They provide five heating levels for optimal use. The gaps between the temperature ranges are optimal so that it is easier for you to choose your desired level.

Its adjustable auto-off timer settings help you avoid excessive heating and energy waste. This makes the heating pad safe for use and friendly to the environment.

MaxKare is made from super soft material that’s also skin-friendly. The texture is elegant and soft to the touch. It also plays a role in helping the heat stay more evenly all through the heating pad. The whole pad is washable, but this should only be after removing the controller.

For maintenance, ensure to machine wash the heating pad to prolong its service. This also ensures you’re maintaining good hygiene practices.

The MaxKare heating pad is designed to automatically shut off after in case of overheating to keep you safe.


  • The controller automatically shuts off in case of overheating to prevent accidents
  • The material is super soft for added comfort as you wear the pad
  • Comes in a variety of heart-warming colors


  • The heating pad isn’t durable and may stop working after two months
  • It doesn’t heat up beyond getting warm
  • The positioning of the electrical connection is uncomfortable
the soothing effect

XXX-Large Electric Heating Pad

The XXX-Large Electric Heating Pad is the perfect definition of wearable comfort. As an FDA-registered heating therapy option, it’s one of the most ideal neck and shoulder heating pads.


This heating pad comes with six adjustable temperature settings. They all quickly heat up to help relieve your back and neck pain. The six settings allow you to choose the most comfortable heat level for your condition.

The material that makes the pad is super soft and feels like the touch of a cloud. It’s machine-washable and easy to maintain. Ensure you detach the heat control cable before washing. Proper maintenance of the pad will give you a lifetime of treatment for aches and sprains.

The XXX-Large Electric Heating Pad is designed to provide the perfect comfort for relaxed couch nights. For your comfort, while moving around, the edges are weighted to let you move freely. The straps and snap fasteners also help hold the pad securely in place.

Avoid folding the pad when switched on to prevent it from becoming defective.


  • An FDA registered and approved product
  • High-quality, luxurious, and large enough to cover the entire back
  • Provides excellent heat therapy
  • Very soft and warm


  • Folding it when switched on can make it defective
  • Doesn’t heat up as much as you’d like
the soothing effect

Snailax Heating Pad

With this heating Pad with adjustable heated levels, you’ll feel the heat in less than two minutes. It provides for safe and efficient heat therapy.


This heating pad comes with two adjustable heating levels. The heat control panel is equipped with an Overheat Protection thermostat that keeps the heat levels under control. The thermostat is UL listed and has been tested for safety and quality.

One feature that makes this the best neck and shoulder heating pad is the auto shut off function that further enhances safety during use. The controller has a default timer of 30 minutes.

This heat pad features two invigorating massage motors that provide a soothing massage. Alongside thermal care, the pad helps relax muscles by eliminating soreness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

With five variable pre-programmed massage modes, you can lock a customized mode to achieve optimum effect. All this is delivered comfortably as the pad is made from comfortable materials.

Its hands-free design allows you to do other work while wearing the heating pad. The design around the neck and shoulders is specially designed to allow it to align comfortably while you wear it. Whether you're exercising, relaxing, or on the move, the heating pad doesn't interfere with your activities.

If you often suffer from pain in the neck, shoulders, back, wrists, legs, knees, or feet, you need this heating pad. It provides a convenient solution to relieving different types of pain. It applies heat and massage to the affected area to alleviate pain and tension while improving blood circulation.

Proper use of the pad will make your connective tissues more relaxed and flexible. Enjoy the comfort of the soft and smooth fabric material that you can wrap around your entire body.


  • A fantastic back massager that doesn't cause pain like others on the market
  • Easy to use even for first-time users
  • A variety of heating settings to set your preferred option


  • The heat pad is not portable
  • It shouldn’t be machine-washed
the soothing effect

Utaxo Heating Pad Wrap

The Utaxo pad is a heating pad you can wear over your shoulders. Its extra-large size makes it cover not just the neck and shoulders but also the back. It’s a great neck and shoulder heating pad for helping relax stiff muscles.


The Utaxo heating pad wrap comes with straps that make positioning easy and convenient. Once you wear it, you can select from among the six different temperature settings. Each of the temperature selection heats up quickly, evenly distributes heat, and continuously maintains it.

If you suffer from neck pain, you’ll love the softness of the wrap. It instantly provides pain relief without causing discomfort. The outer layer of the heating pad is made from a soft microfiber that's highly waterproof.

The material makes it suitable for dry heat therapy.

For back pain, the Utaxo heating pad allows you to lie on your back as you wear it. It provides ultimate relaxation with the instant switch-off feature. This means you don't have to struggle to take off the wrap after therapy.

The good thing with this wrap is that it can be used for any other part of the body. Your joints, tissues, and muscles will all benefit from the heat generated by the heating pad.

The Utaxo heating pad will stop heating when folded but will maintain some warmth. It will automatically cool down after two hours. However, don’t fold it when it’s switched on, as this will make it defective.


  • The pad heats up fast and maintains the heat for long
  • Large enough to cover neck, shoulders, and back
  • Can be used on other parts of the body to help with relaxation
  • It is highly comfortable, and you can lie on your back as you wear it


  • The controls will malfunction sooner than later
  • The shoulder pads don’t heat up enough
the soothing effect


Choosing an effective neck and shoulder heating pad is dependent on many factors. You should consider how it works, its heat settings, and versatility, among other factors. It also should give you service for a long time without the need for replacement, especially of the controllers.

In this review, Snailax Heating Pad with Adjustable Heated Levels and Vibration Massage emerged the best. Among all the heating pads reviewed, it’s the only one that meets its promise of providing variable temperature levels. It won’t fail you when it comes to the controls.

Unlike other heating pads reviewed, it also doesn’t cause pain during therapy. It comes with five different heat settings that allow you to set it to the desired levels. The pad is also a lot easier to use than its counterparts.

If you’re looking for the best neck and shoulder heating pad that's friendly on your pocket, this is the one for you. Its only downside is that it's not washable by machine; neither is it portable.

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