Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pads Review

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Body pains can be quite a problem if left untreated. Some of the common ways to treat body pains include yoga, exercise, and medication. However, nowadays, people prefer more convenient and modern solutions like using electric heating pads.

For such body pains, you can rely on Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad to provide you with the perfect solution. The results are fast, effective, and safe without any side effects.

Heating pads are becoming very popular as they provide at-home, quick pain relief. Crowndy’s heating pads also come with several easy-to-use features that make it a perfect choice for all those suffering from pain.

Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pads

This electric heating pad is a product of Crowndy, a company based in the United States. Heating pads are their primary products, but besides those, they also manufacture several other items like sunscreen baseball caps.

The company has a humble customer base, mainly with positive customer feedback on the products they manufacture. Here, we are going to look at the features of Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad to help you decide if this is indeed a product for you.


Here are the things you will get to enjoy if you buy Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad.

  • Extra-Large Size

Crowndy’s heating pads come in extra-large king size of 12 by 24 inches, which provides pain relief for the entire body. They can be used conveniently for treating stiff muscles and pain in the neck, back, legs, shoulders, arms, and abdomen.

  • Temperature Settings

Crowndy’s Heating Pad comes with six different temperature settings, which can be adjusted according to the comfort level of the user. The temperature can be controlled with an LED controller, with temperatures ranging from 40° Celsius to 60° Celsius.

  • Quick-Heating and Safety Features

The fast-heating technology enables it to heat up quickly within seconds and provide quick relief for body pains.

In addition, it is also equipped with an auto shut-off technology that makes it safe to use. This heating pad is safe to use for different types of people, including women suffering from menstrual cramps, pregnant women, athletes, and older people having body cramps.

  • Moist Heat Therapy Option

Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad is equipped with both dry and moist heat therapy. Moist heat therapy provides relatively more effective pain relief with deeper heat penetration to soothe out aching and stiff muscles. It has evenly distributed heating wires throughout the pad that ensure safety.

  • Four-Timer Settings

Energy conservation may be the best feature offered by Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad. It has a timer function with an auto shut-off option that can be adjusted from 30 to 120 minutes.

This feature helps conserve energy by shutting off the electric supply once the heating pad becomes hot, hence also preventing excessive heating. Not only this, but the auto shut-off option has also made this product even safer to use without the fear of sustaining burns.

  • Hand- and Machine-Washable

This heating pad is made of double-faced micro-plush fabric. The fabric is designed as super soft and flexible to use. You can use it directly on the skin without any issue. Its soft material makes it comfortable to use without causing any skin irritation.

What’s more? You can wash the pad by hands as well as in a washing machine without causing any damage to the fabric. It also comes with a controller, which can be removed during the wash. However, you must ensure that the product is completely dry before use.


  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body
  • Helps relieve full body pain
  • Helps injuries heal


  • Can cause electric fires if mishandled



All in all, Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad is a convenient and quick solution for full body pain, providing relief to the neck, body, shoulder, arms, leg pains, and body cramps. It comes with a set of simple features that make it a perfect choice for a wide variety of people.

Its fast-heating technology heats the pad quickly and can be used instantly. What makes it safe to use is the auto shut-off feature, which shuts off the electric supply once the pad gets heated up. This prevents the pad from getting overly heated and saving the user from the possibility of any burns.

Also, it has four different power settings that can be adjusted to different periods and temperature ranges. Being electrically operated, it does not mean you cannot wash it, as it is both hand- and machine-washable. However, as with everything electrical, you need to handle it carefully.


To get a clearer picture of how it stands among the competition, let’s compare it to another similar product. The Anbbers Ultra Large Heating Pad is an alternative option for pain relief with more or less similar product features as Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad.

This heating pad is designed to be used by men, women, and the elderly for relieving pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, back legs, and more. It also has a fast-heating technology that heats up the pad faster to provides quick pain relief.

Similarly, this product has six different heat settings that can be adjusted as per the need of the user. However, it differs from Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad in its size and auto shut-off feature. This one measures 34 by 17 inches. In contrast to Crowndy’s auto shut-off having four settings, Anbber’s heating pad has a two-hour auto shut-off feature.

Considering the slightly different features, Anbber’s heating pad is also a bit pricier than Crowndy’s heating pad. Overall, when it comes to value for money, the one from Crowndy is a better option.


With a handful of useful features, Crowndy’s Electric Heating Pad can be the perfect solution for all those suffering from different types of body pains. It provides quick and effective relief to pains and cramps, all while keeping in view the user’s safety.

This heating pad is a convenient treatment option that one can invest in, and its durable material and quality ensure that it will last for years.

Then again, while heating pads do provide quick relief to pains, they should not be relied on completely and solely, especially if the pain persists. Medical assistance should be acquired in cases where such quick pain solutions fail to provide complete relief.

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