The Best Infrared Heating Pads of 2023

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The use of infrared heating pads is increasing in popularity as a natural method for relieving pain and providing warmth. This method is based on the belief that the body can heal and regenerate itself with the right support. There are various types of infrared heating pads, including those that use negative ions from crystals such as amethyst, tourmaline, and jade. These crystals, combined with infrared heat, provide a comfortable and long-lasting heating effect.

Infrared heating pads work by raising the body's core temperature to approximately 107.6°F (42°C). This increase in temperature improves circulation and the movement of energy waves in the body, which promotes the healing and renewal of bones, tissues, muscles, and organs, thereby reducing long-standing pain and discomfort.

The use of infrared heating pads offers several benefits, including pain relief, reduction in muscular or soft tissue tension, improved immunity and metabolism, improved cardiovascular function, reduction in stiffness, tension, stress, and fatigue, and healthier skin and mental state. Moreover, infrared heating provides these benefits without the associated risks and inconveniences of traditional heating pads.

Comparison Chart

UTK Jade Back Far Infrared Heating Pad

BRIGENIUS Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad

GRAPHENE TIMES Far-lnfrared Heating Pad

 Venture Heat Far Infrared Heating Pad

Oasislive Far Infrared Heating Pad

Best Infrared Heating Pads Reviews

If you are looking for an infrared heating pad, there are numerous options available in the market. To find a product that meets your specific requirements, it's best to check unbiased reviews of various products.

This article has compiled a list of the top five infrared heating pads based on different needs. We have highlighted the key features, pros, and cons of each product to provide a well-rounded opinion. Continue reading to discover more.

UTK Jade Back Far Infrared Heating Pad

The UTK Jade Back far infrared heating pad uses a carbon-fiber core to emit far infrared rays that can penetrate deep into your muscles and tissues to provide relief against soreness, point strains, sprains, stress, lower back pain and other forms of pain or spasms.


The UTK Jade Back heating pad comes in black, and it includes natural jade stones. These stones emit a large number of negative ions when they are slowly heated up. These ions are used to promote oxygenation and create a soothing effect throughout the body.

Infrared heating pads do not emit much EMF radiation, unlike traditional wire heating pads, protecting the body from a buildup of radiation. The heating pad includes temperature and time settings, memory function, and automated shut-off to preserve energy.

The waist belt sits well around the midriff, but it can be put where the pain is situated – back, stomach, thighs, or even feet. It has a flexible band that is comfortable for all people. If you’re worried about comfort when lying on the stones, users report that they don’t even feel the small flattened stones.

The belt offers heat therapy at varying degrees up to 150°F, which is very useful for pain relief. The belt carries only DC current to completely eliminate the chances of EMF radiation.

Both sides of the belt are made from very soft PU leather materials and non-toxic PP cotton. There are 20 individual flat natural jade stones that transmit the infrared heat and realign the body’s energy centers.

Usage Suggestions:

  • Very low temperature (103-109°F) – for overnight usage
  • Low temperature (110-119°F) – ideal for 3-4 hours sessions at a time
  • Medium temperature (120-129°F) – suitable for 2-3 hours per session
  • Medium-high temperature (130-139°F) – for 1-2 hour sessions
  • High temperature (140-149°F) – for 30-60 minute sessions
  • Very high temperature (150-159°F) – for no more than 30 minutes per session

Speak with a health professional if you’re not sure which setting will give you the best results for your condition. Seek medical advice if you have a heart condition or any other chronic condition that may be affected by heat therapy.


  • The jade stones preserve heat well overnight
  • Comes with a handy case for easier portability
  • Heats up and cools down quickly and easy to adjust the temperature
  • Velcro straps make pad sit comfortably where placed


  • Does not use portable batteries, hence must be used near an outlet
  • A rechargeable battery pack might help where there’s no constant power supply
the soothing effect

BRIGENIUS Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad

The Brigenius Far Infrared Heating pad features innovative graphene heating technology and is ideal for easing cramps, back, neck, and shoulder pain. A graphene is a form of carbon heating technology that releases far infrared light waves that are more compatible with the human body. It heats up within seconds and provides much-needed relief to painful, sore or achy body parts.


This Brigenius pad is a large heating pad – 12 inches by 24 inches in dimensions, and it is covered with plush crystal cotton to give that fluffy feeling against your skin. You can place it on your stomach, back, arms, legs, knees, feet, or shoulders as desired.

Safety is a top consideration with this heating pad that has three temperature settings. It includes an automated shut-down function after one hour to prevent burns or unsavory effects of excess heating. Adjust temperature settings according to your level of comfort or your health professional’s recommendation. Do not exceed the temperature and time limits set by your health practitioner, particularly if you have pre-existing or chronic health conditions.

The outer cover is easily removable and completely machine-washable to preserve its plushness and beauty. Be sure to take out the inner sleeve and only wash the cover. Replace only when completely dry.

You can use the heating pad to handle abdominal cramps, menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, lower backaches, shoulder tension, stiff joints, and muscular aches, among others. The product comes with an 18-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Innovative graphene technology gives the strongest and thinnest material for ultimate comfort and performance
  • Super soft crystal cotton makes heating pad comfortable to place on direct skin
  • Far infrared released is easily absorbed by the body
  • Easy to use and intuitive memory function
  • Large to offer good relief in large muscle groups
  • Safety auto-shutoff prevents burns


  • Made only for placing on the body; some users preferred a wearable heating pad or one you can place under your back
  • While big, some users needed something much bigger for their heating problems
  • Some reported that the lights might be too bright when used at night
  • No massage mode
the soothing effect

Graphene Times Far Infrared Heating Pad

This grey infrared heating pad by Graphene Times isn’t too far apart from the Brigenius heating pad. It also uses graphene films to make the heating elements and stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities, such as what happens when we expose ourselves to sunlight.


Depending on your needs, you can choose from one of three temperature settings, which offer heating from 113-140°F. There may be individual differences based on what your body can stand and what is prescribed by a health practitioner.

This pad is easy to use; you simply need to press the power button to toggle from among the temperature levels – red gives high, yellow medium, and green low. Long-press the power button to turn off and on.

Thanks to a nine-foot-long extension cord, you can use this heating pad from your bed or sofa, and move relatively short distances unimpeded by a short cord. Safety is assured by including an auto-shutoff function after one hour. It is made to work with the standard 12V power for the best performance.

The graphene films are covered by light, plush covers that are completely removable and machine washable. You can place the pad directly onto the skin of your shoulders, abdomen, neck, waist, and back, among others. The heating elements aren’t so close to the surface as to make it uncomfortable for direct contact.

Graphene Times’ infrared heating pad is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with round the clock assistance or customer service.

At the lowest setting, you can comfortably use it through the night.


  • Based on graphene technology, which is reliable, thin and effective
  • Offers near-instant pain relief and release of tension
  • Large enough to allow for various applications, e.g. you can use it for your entire back
  • Removable and washable plush covering
  • Lightweight and relatively portable


  • Only three temperature settings compared with UTK
  • Some users reported that their product stopped working partially or wholly after several months
  • May not be large enough depending on your needs
  • Some users reported that the manual didn’t have adequate information on how to use
the soothing effect

Venture Heat XXL Far Infrared Heating Pad

The Venture Heat XXL Far Infrared Heating Pad is a real game-changer where you need a huge heating pad. Measuring 36 inches by 24 inches, this heating pad comes in black, although you may be able to get it in grey.


The extra-large heating pad provides for improved circulation and pain relief therapy over a large area simultaneously. As a result, a little energy goes a long way in enhancing the user’s wellbeing throughout the body.

Venture Heat heating pad improves blood circulation and blood oxygen levels. More importantly, it can be used to achieve pain relief, especially pain resulting from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and arthritis, among others. The deep penetration of infrared light stimulates natural healing right at the source of your pain for long-lasting relief.

You can toggle between three temperature settings by pressing the digital heat control button. Doctors recommend allowing the heating pad to run for one hour and allowing your muscles and tissues to rest.

The heating pad films are covered by a cozy hypoallergenic fleece cover, which allows heat to seep into the body without creating any burning or scaling effect. This heating pad is FDA-registered and comes with a one-year warranty. It can be used in DC current of 100-240 V.


  • Extra-large size offers pain relief for large groups of muscles
  • Fast heating and cooling with three temperature settings – low (Low 88°F/31°C, Medium 97°F/37°C, and High 110°F/43°C)
  • FDA-registered for heat therapy
  • Has flexible, lightweight heating elements to fit around problem areas as needed
  • Safe, non-ionizing EMF radiation
  • Heats up the body without pad becoming uncomfortably hot
  • Can be machine-washed without needing to remove internal components. Use a gentle wash cycle with mild detergent, then delicate dryer cycle


  • Heating automatically shuts down after 60 minutes – disruptive if you want longer sessions
  • Lights for the various settings can be too bright at night
  • The extra-large size may be unsuitable for travel, but a smaller more portable one is available
  • The cord is too short to allow convenient maneuvering
the soothing effect

Oasislive Far Infrared Heating Pad

Finally, this Far Infrared Heating Pad by Oasislive also uses new graphene technology to transmit infrared light for deep warming. Graphene delivers pure far infrared rays which are highly conducive to provide quick relief of pain and tension.


The Oasislive FIR heating pad gives deep penetration to allow energy realignment and stimulate positive blood circulation. Over the long term, it presents immense benefits for your cardiovascular health. Those with pre-existing conditions should only use heating pads on the advice of a health practitioner.

Measuring 12 inches by 24 inches, the pad is sufficient to work on large muscle groups. It is attached to a long flexible cord and a plush microfiber exterior to make your heat therapy sessions comfortable.

Just like the others, this heating pad has a one-hour time limit per session, after which it shuts down automatically. You can choose the temperature setting that gives you the most relief without creating a burning or scalding sensation against your skin. The cover is easily removable and completely machine-washable.

This heating pad comes with a two-year warranty and 24/7 customer support.


  • Emits much less EMF than conventional electric blankets
  • Graphene elements warm up faster and retain heat for longer
  • Graphene is thin yet strong, giving a lightweight but sturdy heating pad
  • Large size that can cover large muscle or body parts


  • May still be too small to cover, say, the whole back, if desired
  • Highest setting may not be high enough
  • Not the best value for money
the soothing effect


Four of the five FIR heating pads reviewed above have mostly similar capabilities. The devil is in the finer details, but that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself when looking for the best infrared heating pads.

The UTK Jade FIR heating pad offers the most flexibility in terms of temperature and session duration. Oasislive provides the longest warranty on the product, which gives some indication of their confidence in the product. Venture Heat is the best when looking for a larger heating pad.

Finally, the graphene models seem to be more popular with users than other models, but also a little more expensive.

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