SoftHeat MaxHeat Heating Pad: The Review

SoftHeat MaxHeat Heating Pad The Review
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Quick SoftHeat MaxHeat

Heating Pad Overview






  • Comes with 4 heat settings
  • Made of soft fleece that can be washed at anytime
  • The cord is 9 feet long
  • Auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Dual-sided heat generation
  • Ideal for menstrual pain relief, muscle ache relief, and arthritis pain relief
  • Ergonomic control handle
  • Fast heating


  • Not suitable for infants
  • Cannot be used with ointments

Heat therapy is a proven and effective way of alleviating muscle pain, soreness and inflammation. It’s often done by applying a heated cloth or fabric to the affected area and letting the heat seep through the skin and soothe the inflamed muscle or injured part of the body.

Heating up a cloth every time before applying it to the affected area might not be that feasible, considering the fact that the heat dissipates very quickly in the air. Hence, electrically charged heating pads and infrared heating pads were manufactured to offer better convenience and more consistent heat application to various parts of the body.

SoftHeat MaxHeat is an electric heating pad that offers quick heating for fast pain relief. Read through this SoftHeat MaxHeat review and find out more about this amazing product.

the soothing effect

SoftHeat MaxHeat Heating Pad

softheat maxheat heating pad the review product the soothing effect

If you are familiar with heating pads and their application, you likely know that they offer almost instantaneous pain relief that continues for as long as the pad is in contact with the skin.

However, the SoftHeat MaxHeat takes this heat therapy thing to another level. Thanks to its SmartHeat Technology, it is able to maintain heat levels on your skin allowing warmth to seep deep into the muscle to alleviate any discomfort and pain.

This soft heating pad improves your blood flow, relaxes the muscles, and heals your body in general.

To whom is this heating pad meant for?

This heating pad is meant for those who have suffered a muscle injury, are going through menstrual cramps, or are feeling soreness in any muscle or bone of their body. This heating pad is designed to alleviate muscle pain immediately and make you feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

Although the heating pad is targeted toward those who have inflamed muscles or bone injuries, they are not the only ones who can benefit from its use. Even those with severe arthritis pain or menstrual cramps can use heat therapy to gain some much-needed pain relief without having to rely on heavy pain killers.


This heating pad comes in a standard box packaging. Inside the box, you can find a large 12” x 24” pad with a 10’ cord. It also comes with a number of great features that add to the user experience and can help enormously with different types of pain relief management.

Size of the pad

The heating pad is 12” x 24” in size and is large enough to cover one’s entire back or wrap around the waist, arms or thighs, without leaving any spot unheated. Once you are done using it, you can easily fold it up and store it safely inside the box.


If the pad gets stained or greasy because of extended use, it can be easily hand washed or put into a washing machine for a thorough cleaning. To do that, you’ll have to detach the cord and control box from the pad and then wash it.

Heat Settings

Although the heat pad is primarily used to warm up the skin in order to alleviate discomfort from muscle soreness, different heat settings allow this pad to also help with muscle injury or nerve discomfort. The heating pad comes with four heat settings that can be used to treat a variety of different bodily pains depending on your needs.

Automatic shut-off

The warmth generated by this heating pad is so relaxing and soothing that it might cause you to doze off after application. To prevent your skin from burning up because of extended use, the heating pad comes with an auto shut-off feature that turns the heater off after 60 minutes.

Dual-sided function

This versatile heating pad comes with dual-sided functionality to provide relaxing warmth to a wide area of your body. If you have soreness under your arms and on the upper side of the chest as well, for example, you can wrap this pad around your chest and still have enough padding left to then wrap it around your arm. This way heat can spread to both body parts at the same time for ultimate pain relief and comfort.

Moist and dry heating

The pad can either be applied on the skin completely dry or dampened depending on your preferences. The moisture adds to the experience and gives you a soothing warmth that permeates comfortably through the surrounding area on your body and puts you at ease.

How to Use The SoftHeat MaxHeat Heating Pad

Using this heating pad is extremely easy and doesn’t require any complex product assembly. Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Unfold the heating pad after taking it out of the box.
  2. Look for a socket at one side of the pad where the power cord plugs in.
  3. Connect the pad to the power cord and plug the other end of the cord to an electric socket.
  4. Press the power button on the control box to turn the pad on and switch between the heat levels to select your desired warmth level.


If you don’t like the performance of this heating pad or if this heating pad is unavailable or out of stock, don’t fret as you do have other alternatives. The Sunbeam SoftTouch Heating pad is one such alternative that offers similar features and benefits.

The Sunbeam SoftTouch offers the same functionality and product attributes as the SoftHeat MaxHeat and costs about the same as well.


There are many ways to alleviate physical pain in your body. From prescription pain killers to pain relief ointments, they are plenty of ways one can manage pain. However, one of the most natural and effective proven methods of managing joint aches, muscle soreness, back pain, and inflammation, is the use of heat therapy.

SoftHeat MaxHeat is a safe, easy, and hassle-free way of alleviating bodily pains caused by arthritis, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, inflammation, and other injuries as it offers reliable and consistent warmth to the parts of the body that need healing.

This heating pad also offers the option of being moistened before use in order to let the heat permeate through your body more soothingly.

the soothing effect
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joan - January 2, 2022 Reply

my first max heat didnt work. i called the company and they made me cut off the electric plug to prove that i couldn’t use it and sent me another. this one didnt work either. i’ve tossed it out. i didnt want to deal with them any more. the light would flash and i never could get it to work properly.

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