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Infrared vs Regular Heating Pad: Which is Better?

Infrared Vs. Regular Heating Pad -

Heating pads are of mainly two types, regular heating pads, and infrared heating pads. Many customers don’t know the difference between the two and often find themselves confused about which one would be more suitable for their bodily pain management needs. 

Best Heated Mattress Pad to Keep You Cozy [Reviewed 2020]

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We can all agree that the best thing ever is when we get into a warm and comfortable bed in the middle of the winter. Besides bedding that’s just gotten out of the dryer, the best option to keep your bed cozy and warm is to use a heated mattress pad. Heated mattress pads are […]

Heat Therapy with Moist heat or Dry Heat

Using Heating Therapy for Stomach Cramps

Pain is a word with so many diverse meanings, formed around the perspective of a common discomfort that every person has had the misfortune of encountering countless times in this life. As is mandatory with the experience of pain, we seek needfully for any form of relief. At times we desperately grasp for methods that show no results and could even be an aggressor.

Sleep With A Heating Pad? Should You Do It?

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If you suffer from sore muscles, cramps, or joint pain, then you probably already have a heating pad or maybe are on the market for one. Perhaps that is why you are researching the benefits that they bring. They are easy to use and effective, but while this therapy treatment seems like a good thing to use as you lay down to take a nap or a long-needed night of sleep, you may want to rethink that. In fact, though they do have a lot of great benefits to take advantage of, sleeping on them can be quite dangerous. Many experts say that it can actually cause more damage than you think.

Does Heat Help Sciatica Pain?

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Quick Navigation Causes of SciaticaBenefits of Heat TherapyWhen Should You Apply Heat Therapy?How Should You Apply Heat Therapy?Where Should You Apply the Heat?Is Heat Therapy Ideal For You?Conclusion Sciatica is a medical term used to refer to pain along the sciatic nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve is a prominent nerve which stretches […]

Does a Heating Pad Help With Kidney Stone Pain?

Woman in pain because of kidney stones which needs a heating pad

You wake up in the middle of the night with a pressing urge to pee. You get up, go to the restroom, and you find that you cannot pee. You find that parts of you are burning up. The pain is almost unbearable. Now, sleep is impossible and you are completely uncomfortable.

Who Invented the Heating Pad? The History of Heat Therapy

Electric heating pad

Who invented the heating pad? The history of heat therapy: that’s what we will be talking about in this post. Before we jump to that discussion, let us first look at heat therapies and heating pads. Muscle pains, muscle cramps, and stiff joints all connote pain. It can be an occasional pain, or it can be […]

What Are Good Heating Pads For Arthritis?

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Heat therapies, like warm baths and using heating pads, work best in relieving tired muscles and stiff joints because heat promotes blood circulation. Cold treatments are also suitable for arthritis, but we will be focusing on heat therapies using heating pads. Is a heating pad good for arthritis? Applying heat to the affected area is an […]

Does a Heating Pad Help Constipation?

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We are going to talk about how using a heating pad can help with constipation and the science behind it.Are you tired of the bloat and your unsettled stomach? Then keep on reading to find out the easy remedy!