Thermophore Heating Pad: The Review

Thermophore Heating Pad The Review
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Quick Thermophore

Heating Pad Overview






  • It heats faster than other pads
  • You can get both hot and cold therapy
  • The thermophore heating pad is easy to clean
  • The size is portable and you can carry it for travel


  • Pad requires the switch to be depressed for it to heat up
  • You might not like it if you do not want much heat

Given the activities we engage in daily, we tend to feel pains in certain parts of our body. For instance, people whose works requires them to be on their feet for a long time and people who sit for long have challenges with their backs, waists, thighs or ankles.

Some women also experience menstrual pains which can be felt on the lower part of the torso, waist and sometimes backside. Menstrual pain can be severe or low but it is always inconvenient and may be irritating.

Several means have been devised to handle pains and aches of this nature, ranging from drugs such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin to massages and drinks. One solution that has effectively managed these situations is the use of heating pads. There are a lot of good ones on the market. One of the best is the Thermophore Heating Pad. Today we'll be giving you more information in our Thermophore Heating Pad review.

the soothing effect

Thermophore Heating Pad

If you have used a heating pad before, you will know that it aptly addresses the situations for which it is used. And the Thermophore Heating Pad does it best.

It provides both hot and cold therapy to suit your needs. For menstrual pain, the hot therapy is the best and relief is usually felt in no time.

This heating pad is very effective. It provides moist heat that makes for better functioning in all areas of life.

To whom is this heating pad meant for?

This Thermophore Heating Pad is designed for anyone to use in alleviating aches in their backs, legs, etc. and menstrual pains. It can be used by both men and women.

It is suitable for adults and elderly people who may be prone to having cold or stiff muscles, especially in the morning. The heating pad provides ready relaxation for the muscles and improves blood circulation.

This heating pad is meant for people whose work requires them to stand or walk for hours on end and those who sit for long hours. Body aches arising from these activities can be treated with the Thermophore Heating Pad.

Maintaining Your Thermophore Heating Pad

It is not just important that you buy a safe heating pad like the Thermophore heating pad. It is also important that you know how to keep the heating pad safe so it will last longer and not become soiled.

For the maintenance of your Thermophore heating pad, you should ensure that you do not do the following:

  • Do not add water to any part of the heating pad.
  • Do not use it while sleeping. The heating pad is actually designed to prevent this with the press-down button requirement for its use. However, you cannot be too safe so, don’t use it if you feel you will fall asleep.
  • Do not sit on, lie on, or crush the heating pad. You can lie on your stomach and drape it on your back or drape it on a chair and rest your back against it.
  • Do not use it on sensitive skin. You could end up burning yourself.

You can store your Thermophore heating pad in the box it comes in and handwash it whenever it is dirty. This heating pad is very easy to maintain and it should not give you any cause to worry.


Hand-Held Switch

This heating pad features a handheld switch that can be manipulated to regulate the heat. To get the pad hot, you press the switch down and when it is hot enough, you release the switch. You can alternate between pressing it down and releasing it to get the temperature of your choice. This feature aptly prevents over-heating that may result in burning your skin.


This heating pad is designed for use in different parts of the body including the legs, back, hips, neck, and shoulders. It can also be used for the lower part of the stomach to alleviate menstrual pains.

Proportionate size

The Thermophore Heating Pad measures 14-inch x 14 inches. This medium size makes it easy to use for different parts of the body.

Hot and Cold Therapy

The heating pad features both hot and cold therapy. It serves a dual purpose so that one does not need to get another pad for cold therapy.

Convenient cord length

The heating pad comes with a six-foot cord. This length is convenient for easy maneuvering and mobility.

How to Use the Thermophore Heating Pad

The heating pad is easy to use. What you need to do it to plug into a source of power and hold the switch down to heat. You can release the switch when it reaches a temperature of your choice.

You should gently place the pad on the area where you have pain to get the maximum effect. Note that when you release the switch, the pad becomes cooler so you can repeat the whole process to get back to the temperature suitable to you until the session is completed.


The Thermophore Heating Pad is very effective in providing relief from a variety of pains in different parts of the body. However, there are heating pads that can also deliver in this regard. Of the lot available, the InsiderBlue Electric Heating Pad, My Heating Pad Adjustable Lumbar and Abdomen Therapy Pack, and the Sunbeam Ultra-Soft Heating Pad are commendable. They not only address aches in several parts of the body but are also very apt in providing relief from pains arising from menstrual cramps. The Heating Pad Adjustable Lumbar and Abdomen Therapy Pack are microwaveable.


The Thermophore Heating Pad is excellent for anyone looking to get a heating pad that can handle body aches. It is quite affordable and effective.

The only challenge you may have is to hold the switch down for the pad to heat up. However, this should not pose any serious challenge as it heats up quickly so that you do not have to hold it down for so long. We hope you have enjoyed our Thermophore Heating Pad review and are ready to relieve yourself of pain.

the soothing effect
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