Infrared Heating Pad Review

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Infrared Heating Pad: QUICK OVERVIEW

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What We Like

  • Deep penetrating FIR waves that reach the source of your aches and cramps
  • UTK Technology Store warranty that assures you of a durable product and reliable customer service
  • Solid, secure and sturdy build that allows you to conveniently use the product and carry it around

What We Don't Like

  • The remote controller tends to get damaged, but you are covered by the warranty
  • Confusing instructions, but additional information can be found on the internet

Do you often have muscle pain and cramps? Do you spend a lot of time sitting or standing which leads to loss of blood in certain areas of your body?

Do you suffer from sciatica, arthritis, or cramps? Has your doctor recommended heat therapy to you?

Then, you need UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for your convenient heat therapy. Infrared therapy has proven to be a lot of help in easing pains and speeding up recovery.

UTK heating pad is a medical device class II registered with the FDA. The treatment is effective and affordable with this unique heating pad. To help you alleviate your pain, we have put together this Infrared Heating Pad review.

Infrared Heating Pad Review

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad uses natural stones to conduct the heat. The 126 green jade stone pills emit infrared rays and negative ions that help relieve you of several pains and cramps as deep as 2.5 inches.

These unique natural heat emitters also mean you do not have to be worried about an EMF, which stands for Electromagnetic Field. Most heating pads contain EMF which is said to cause cancer.

But, the UTK heating pad is a non-EMF FIR heating pad. The only EMF in the product is in the remote control which has a long cord so, you can keep it away from your body.

The natural stones do not, however, affect the heat level as you can get up to 159°F from your heating pad for four hours straight. The heat level is about 30°F higher than you will get from other heating pads. The low risk and effectiveness at an affordable cost make UTK one of the best heating pads you can get in the market.

Who Can Use UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad?

The Infrared therapy that has been specifically proven to help relieve pain can be used by anyone suffering from acute or chronic pain or conditions caused by poor blood circulation.

Pains like muscle pain and stiffness, muscle spasms, back pain, neuropathy pain, and numbness can be treated with this heating pad. This heating pad also helps with rheumatism and menstrual cramps.

Therefore, anyone experiencing pain can use the UTK Far Infrared Heating pad. However, it is advisable to visit the doctor before starting any treatment.

Uncovering UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad 

Your UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad comes with a premium travel bag, a remote control, an extra-long cord, and the heating pad itself. You can use the premium travel bag to keep your heating pad in between uses.

The remote control also comes with settings that help you make the most of your heating pad. The UTK Infrared heating pad is composed of 11 different layers combined to give you the utmost relief.

The layers are:

  1. A Mesh that holds the stones in each of the boxes
  2. 126 Jade stones that radiate far-infrared rays
  3. A plush leather (non-toxic)
  4. A metal reflector (non-Ferrous)
  5. Heating element - woven carbon fiber
  6. A non-woven fabric layer
  7. Temperature sensor
  8. 3 layers of soft cotton (non-toxic)
  9. Thermal protection switch


Versatile Size

The size of the heating pad, 21 x 31 inches makes it easy to use. You can lay it across your back or fold it and rest on it to relieve neck pain. The flexible size also allows you to use it in your office by laying it on your chair. The large size ensures it covers a large part of your body, giving you instant relief in various areas.

Digital LED Controller 

The digital LED controller allows you to set precise heat and time settings. You don’t have to get too hot or not have enough heat. The controller also has a memory function that allows it to remember your favorite heat and time setting so you don't have to keep resetting it every time. For the sake of safety, the controller automatically shuts off your heating pad after four hours.

10 Foot Extra-Long Cord

The extra-long cord allows you to use the heating pad from anywhere you want. You can use your heating pad from the comfort of your chair or bed. The length of the power cord also means you do not have to worry about where your power source is.

Velcro Body Strap

UTK is a company that looks after its customers' convenience. With the flexibility of the heating pad and this Velcro body strap, you can strap any part of your body and move about with your heating pad. It also helps you concentrate the pad on a part of your body.

Travel Bag

This travel bag offers convenient storage for your pad when not in use. It is also a useful carrying case if you want to travel with your heating pad.

How to Use UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

While you can use your heating pad as often and for as long as you want, you might want to start using it gradually for the first few weeks. You can start by using the heating pad at one-third of its heat range for 20 minutes.

UTK recommends that you use the pad for 30 minutes daily. However, based on the severity of your condition, your doctor might recommend longer periods and higher heat ranges.

Ensure you drink a glass of water after each treatment to rehydrate your body. You might suffer some detox side effects but they will stop as you continue to use the pad.

Though UTK Heating Pad can be used by anyone in pain, there are certain conditions under which you shouldn't use the pad.

  • Over open wounds or severe injuries
  • On your face or intimate areas of your body
  • If you are sensitive to heat
  • For children under 6 and with supervision for children under 14
  • If you are immobile or incapacitated
  • Consult your doctor first if you want to use it when pregnant, suffering from hemophilia or malignancy.


While UTK FIR Heating Pad is a very affordable heating pad considering its benefits, we understand that it might not be affordable for everyone. In this case, you can go for HEALTHYLINE Heating Pad with Far Infrared Radiant Heat Technology which has similar advantages. The only disadvantage is that the HL heating pad does not have an auto-shutoff function.


The UTK FIR Heating Pad is great for infrared therapy for relief from pain. The product is durable and has higher heat capabilities than conventional heating pads.

You might face challenges from your remote controller or the instructions. However, the UTK heating pad is excellent and one of the best in the category of heating pads. With all this information, we hope Infrared Heating Pad review has shed some light on how it can help you feel better.

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