Does a Heating Pad Help With Constipation?

Does a Heating Pad Help With Constipation
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Does a heating pad help constipation?

This question might be surprising for you because heating pads are known to help relieve back pain and menstrual cramps. Is it really possible? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

Here, we are going to discuss the probable causes of your constipation as well as the different treatments that you can do to relieve yourself of this burden (pun intended). More than that, we are also going to talk about how using a heating pad can help with this problem and the science behind it.

Are you tired of the bloat and your unsettled stomach? Then keep on reading to find out the easy remedy!

What Causes Constipation Problems

The leading causes of constipation are poor diet, too much time spent sitting down, and lack of exercise. Almost all of us have experienced constipation at one point in time, and we know that it is extremely annoying it is. There are even other people who develop a fever because of this problem.

So, why are you constipated? Here are some reasons:

Eating Too Much Chocolate

A lot of people might be surprised by this because the belief is that eating chocolate can make you go. However, the truth is, too much cocoa and sugar can build up proteins, which is hard for your stomach to digest. In the process, some are not broken down properly, which results in bloating.

Certain Vitamins

Some vitamins tend to help you to have a healthier gut like vitamin C and fiber. On the other hand, unfortunately for some, calcium and iron can result in constipation.

Some Medications

There are certain side effects that come with your medications. An example of this is Elavil and Prozac. In line with this, antacids also have aluminum and calcium. Therefore, they can also cause you to be constipated.

Fat-Rich Foods

When we say fat-rich foods, we are talking about pizza, burger, fries, and the likes. Too much fat can trouble your tummy because these foods cannot be digested properly. Some aren’t even capable of doing so without the help of fiber supplements or laxatives.

Skipping Meals

When you skip a meal, the tendency is that you will overeat on your next meal. Therefore, your stomach will be shocked by your food intake, and the digestive process becomes slower.

Through some of these factors, one can see that battling constipation is really about having a proper diet. However, many of us want to know, does a heating pad help constipation?

Does a Heating Pad Help Ease Constipation?

A heating pad has a lot to do with applying proper heat therapy. By doing so, it can warm up the tissues in a certain area so that those tissues will not constrict as much. This will pave the way for your waste to go through the canal smoothly even though it was not properly broken down.

The warmth from the heating pad can help in promoting proper blood circulation. When this happens, the blood can easily carry oxygen and other nutrients via the red blood cells in different parts of your body. Whereas, without the heating pad, the blood flow is constricted.

The proper way of making your blood circulate is by applying the heating pad on and off a specific area. The mix of the warm and natural temperature on that area can promote blood flow, which, in turn, can relieve the pain that you are experiencing.

When To Apply Heat Therapy 

A heating pad is extremely effective, especially if you are just suffering from mild constipation. The heat can help in promoting bowel movements. It is highly effective also if you have taken an oral medication or laxative. The heat from the heating pad will help the medication to reach your digestive system faster.

Again, it is all about proper circulation. The faster that the circulation happens, the faster the negative effects of constipation will dissipate. The same goes if you are suffering from mild cramps due to constipation. All you have to do is to apply heat on that area, and the constricting of your muscles will be lessened.

It is also recommended to use a heating pad on the left side. This is because the elimination tract is there. That is the part of your colon, which needs movement as the tissues are somehow swollen or have a lot of tension.

On the other hand, if you are extremely bloated, you can wrap the heating pad around your body—may it be at the back or at the front of your belly—to warm it up so that the muscles and tissues can relax.

Infrared Heating Pads

The use of an infrared heating pad is best when you are suffering from pain due to constipation. It has the same effect as relieving chronic back pain. What happens is that the amount of heat is transmitted consistently and evenly on the tissues.

This type of heating pad is also more likely to make the heat reach your digestive tract. The reason behind this is that infrared energy can penetrate deep into your body even without a constant heat source. In the process, the heat can be applied to your muscles, joints, tissues, and other body parts.

Final Thoughts

In some cases, a heating pad is enough to give you relief from constipation. However, as we have discussed before, proper diet and exercise can really get rid of your tummy problems for good. With that said, it is best to pair the heating pad with drinking lots of water and eating foods that are rich in fiber. More than that, you should also not be sitting for too long because this will constrict your muscles even more.

Just like in life, everything calls for balance. At the same time, it is important to know if your constipation problems are becoming severe. If that is the case, then you really should not just be applying a heating pad on that area. Instead, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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