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Does a Heating Pad Help With Kidney Stone Pain?

You wake up in the middle of the night with a pressing urge to pee. You get up, go to the restroom, and you find that you cannot pee. You find that parts of you are burning up. The pain is almost unbearable. Now, sleep is impossible and you are completely uncomfortable.

Who Invented the Heating Pad? The History of Heat Therapy

Who invented the heating pad? The history of heat therapy: that’s what we will be talking about in this post. Before we jump to that discussion, let us first look at heat therapies and heating pads. Muscle pains, muscle cramps, and stiff joints all connote pain. It can be an occasional pain, or it can be […]

Is a Heating Pad Good for Arthritis?

Heat therapies, like warm baths and using heating pads, work best in relieving tired muscles and stiff joints because heat promotes blood circulation. Cold treatments are also suitable for arthritis, but we will be focusing on heat therapies using heating pads. Is a heating pad good for arthritis? Applying heat to the affected area is an […]

Does a Heating Pad Help Constipation?

Does a Heating Pad Help Constipation

We are going to talk about how using a heating pad can help with constipation and the science behind it.Are you tired of the bloat and your unsettled stomach? Then keep on reading to find out the easy remedy!

Why Do Heating Pads Help Cramps?

Why Do Heating Pads Help Cramps

Almost every one of us experiences a muscle cramp at some point in our life. The pain that results from a cramp is mostly excruciating. Therefore, many people turn to thermotherapy for relief. One effective form of heat therapy is making use of heating pads. So why are these pads so effective? Why do heating […]

Are Heating Pads Safe and Effective?

Are Heating Pads Safe and Effective

Thermotherapy has been popular even in prehistoric times. In fact, many people prefer it over cryotherapy (cold therapy) or using over-the-counter pain relievers. Heat therapy is an inexpensive and convenient option these days. Just go to any pharmaceutical store, and you can easily get your hands on a heating pad. However, with benefits come side […]

What Does a Heating Pad Do for Sore Muscles?

What Does a Heating Pad Do for Sore Muscles?

Discomfort and pain in our body to any extent is something that none of us like, and if left the way it is, it can turn into something more severe and painful. Thankfully, you don’t really need to head to the ER every time you have something like sore muscles since there are quite a […]

Heat or Ice for Back Pain: Which One Is the Better Choice

Heat or Ice for Back Pain: Which One Is the Better Choice

Back pain is something that we would suffer from at one point or another in our lives. It can happen at absolutely any age but tends to become more common as we get older. While over-the-counter oral medications can help to a certain extent, they aren’t good in the long term, so people tend to […]

Why Can’t Diabetics Use Heating Pads?

Why Can’t Diabetics Use Heating Pads?

Heating pads are truly a great help when you feel cold or body pain. However, if you have diabetes, don’t even try to use one on any part of your body without consulting your doctor. Why is that? Diabetic people suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which then makes them less sensitive to pain, which is why […]