The Best Heated Mattress Pads

The Best Heated Mattress Pads
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We can all agree that the best thing ever is when we get into a warm and comfortable bed in the middle of the winter. Besides bedding that’s just gotten out of the dryer, the best option to keep your bed cozy and warm is to use a heated mattress pad. Heated mattress pads are the best way to keep your bed warm and keep your electric bills low.

A heated mattress pad is an electric heating tool that can be put on your mattress in order to keep it warm while you sleep. You can find these pads in every bed size (full, twin, king and queen), in all types of materials, with different features like timers and even an option to heat both sides of the bed. So, without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best heated mattress pad options available on the market.

Comparison Chart

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad (Quilted Polyester)

Degrees of Comfort Heated Mattress Pad

Safe Electric Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad (Water-Resistant)

Beautyrest 3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad

Best Heated Mattress Pad Reviews

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad Quilted Polyester

Your sleep experience will get so much better in this pad’s warmth! This cushioned heated mattress pad incorporates the control of both sides for unique comfort. It has 5 ounces of fill, a controller with 10 different warming settings, as well as a 10-hour auto-off feature that assures warm nights. The ThermoFine heating system detects and adapts through the blanket to insure consistent warmth.


The Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad features 2 EasySet Pro controllers that contain 10 warmth settings. It also has a 10-hour auto-off feature that will be useful for those who tend to forget to turn it off, and the ThermoFine technology that detects and adapts the heat to maintain constant warmth.

One of the main characteristics of the heated mattress pad is the controllers of the pad, which are very different from the others you’ve ever seen. They have little rubber grips on their bottom that prevent them from sliding around during night or when changing the warmth options.

Users appreciate its ThermoFine technology that detects and adapts heat, making it consistent during the whole night. This heating technology uses Positive Temperature Coefficient to sense your body, bed, and room temperature, preventing the product from overheating during your sleep. It uses this feature to lower the product’s warmth in order to keep a comfortable level of heat throughout the night.

This heated pad is made with a 145 thread count. It contains 100% polyester material and 5 ounces of fill that ensures you won’t feel any of the wires inside it and offers you a feeling of comfort. It is also sewn in vertical lines, giving it a pleasant and symmetrical look.

The connectors for the pad’s controllers are placed at the bottom of the heating pad. Unfortunately, they are pretty bulky, and your feet might continuously rub against them. If this is the case, you should simply turn the heating pad around. The placement of the connectors could be redesigned to provide more comfort.

Another issue is that around the pad, there is a fitted sheet type of cloth to prevent it from sliding all over the bed that could fit a deep mattress. So if you have a very thin mattress, there is the possibility that the pad will slide around.


  • 100% polyester is very durable
  • 145 threat count with quilted constructions and vertical channels
  • 5 ounces of fill for ultimate comfort
  • It is machine-washable and dryer-safe
  • Suitable for up to 18-inch mattresses


  • Connectors are placed at the bottom of the heating pad and might feel uncomfortable
  • If you have a thin mattress, the pad might slide around
the soothing effect

Degrees of Comfort Heated Mattress Pad Twin

This heated mattress pad offers you the possibility to customize your warmth settings on each side of the bed. This enables both you and your partner comfort at your unique level of warmth. It will also help you with your muscle and joint pains while feeling 100% safe from radiation!


The 12.5-ft power cord allows you to place it anywhere without fearing that it might not reach a wall outlet. The stuffed padding is very soft and cozy so that you won’t feel the cord at all! The 6-ft dual controller is placed in a very convenient way, so it can be reached and tucked away very easily, without bothering you anymore.

Unfortunately, many competitors won’t tell you about the concerning amounts of electromagnetic radiation that can be sent through the warming system in their heating pads, but you can feel safe with this product. This heated mattress pad emits a very small amount of radiation through its heating process and is 100% safe.

You can also heat only one side and keep the other one cool so that both you and your partner can adjust the heat of your side of the bed however you like. The two individual controllers allow you to customize the warmth of your side of the bed.

This product also has a therapeutic warm relief so that your pains and aches go away. It helps dilate blood vessels and sustains blood flow, helping sore muscles and joints and relaxing them. This heated pad is ideal for anyone who suffers from muscle pain, those who have a physically demanding job, or those who have an iron deficiency and just need some extra warmth.


  • Perfectly placed plug that does not cause inconveniences during the night
  • Plump padding masks the plug and the wiring for ultimate comfort
  • 100% UL safety certified mattress pad ensures against radiation
  • Spouses can customize their side of the bed temperature
  • Therapeutic heat relief and soothing


  • We had no complaints about this mattress pad
the soothing effect

Hyde Lane Safe Electric Heated Mattress Pad

This pad is implemented with high-quality fibers that protect you from any eventual overheating. It maintains a soft feel without poking you with the cords because we know that can be very uncomfortable. This heated mattress pad will ease all of your aches and pains, and thanks to the preheat system, you can hop in an already warm and cozy bed!


The cushioned cotton padding offers you the comfort of sleeping on a warm, soothing cloud. Its exotic cotton fibers are healthy for direct contact with your skin offer this product a great comfort that replaces comforters all together.

It protects your skin from feeling the power cord and is 100% UL safety certified. The design provides heating under the covers while protecting your skin from any possible burns because it is implemented with quality fibers. The heating system works with a very small amount of radiation, showing care about safety concerns.

This heating pad also has a therapeutic effect, as pains and aches go away almost instantly. The warmth dilates blood vessels and sustains blood flow, helping sore muscles and joints. This heated mattress pad is ideal for anyone who suffers from muscle pain. It is also beneficial for those who have a physically demanding job or those who have an iron deficiency and just need some extra warmth.

The product heats up entirely in a few minutes. You can opt to preheat the pad to the optimal temperature, so when you get into bed, you already have warm cozy bedding without waiting for it to get warm. To wash it, all you have to do is disconnect the power cord and place it in the washing machine - nothing could be easier.

Due to its high quality, the pads will not become matted over time, so they will keep their softness through numerous washes in order for you to enjoy it for a very long time.


  • Has therapeutic heat effect
  • No pokey cords to hurt or disturb you
  • Keeps the skin protected against possible burns
  • It takes only minutes to heat up fully


  • We have no complaints to report
the soothing effect

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad (Water-Resistant)

This amazing water-resistant mattress prevents spill accidents due to its water-resistant backing and maintains a full night of warmth. Because of its preheat function, you can hop into an already warm and cozy bed. And another great feature: it is washing machine and dryer safe!


This product is made of 100% cotton with a 200 thread count and six ounces of fill. This water-resistant pad protects your mattress from accidental spills while offering you soothing warm relief. The controller has 10 heat settings (preheat included) and a 10-hour auto-off setting. The wiring system detects and adapts through the blanket for your ideal comfort.

It is made from 100% cotton with water-resistant backing, and the heated pad gives you a cozy night full of warmth. It has ThermoFine technology that promotes the circulation of the heat, a preheat setting that allows you to get into an already warm bed, and is washing machine and dryer-safe.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • 10 heat settings
  • Soothing warmth all night
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe


  • We do not have any negatives about this pad
the soothing effect

Beautyrest 3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad

This product assures a night full of warmth at your ideal level, helping you with your muscle and joint pains. Its elastic band will ensure it will not slide around. Additionally, the technology ensures it is 100% UL certified for safety, keeping you away from EM radiation.


This pad, made of easy-care microfiber material treated with 3M Scotchgard that offers resistance to stains and moisture, assures a relaxing, dry, and cozy night. The pad is machine washable after unplugging the power cord.

It has a perfect size, 39” x 80”, ideal for your mattress with the deep pocket fitting of 19” height. The elastic band of the pad makes it easy to place it and prevents it from slipping around, perfect for you to relax and enjoy your bed!

The mattress is implemented to have the lowest EM radiation; it has evenly spaced heat channels and is 100% UL certified for safety. Its 12.5-foot controller cord length and 6-foot power cord lengths assure your comfort without worrying that you may not reach the wall outlet.

It is implemented with five heat levels for your ideal comfort. The preheating setting gives you the comfort of hopping into an already warm bed. The pad also has a 10-hour auto shut-off system while melting away all your muscle and joint aches.


  • Includes the bedding and the mattress pads
  • Made of easy-care microfiber material
  • Machine-washable and dryer safe
  • 10-hour auto shut-off system


  • There are no downsides to this product
the soothing effect


Considering that numerous different materials and components are used to make a heated mattress pad, we recommend you become familiar with these aspects to choose the best option for you. For instance, consider the heating elements, which are small wires that are placed through the heating pad that warm up at specific points.

The thinner, the better, as you won’t feel them through the padding. These usually are electric, but, in some cases, they can be tubes that carry hot water.

Another feature to help you select the best model for you is the controller. Through it, you set the temperature of the pad. For the pads that have individual zones for heating, there will be two controllers that will be connected through a cord, but they are also are a few pads that feature wireless remotes.

The cover of the pad can be made of different materials. The most common include cotton, a very soft and moisture-absorbent material that will make you less sweaty during the night. And then there’s polyester, a stretchy, but less absorbent material that will offer a fluffier feel. This material also has a great level of breathability.

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